Sacred Line II Kickstarter Live

Mega Cat Studios and Sasha Darko have launched the Kickstarter campaign for their groundbreaking adventure game Sacred Line II.

Designed for the SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis, Sacred Line II serves as both a sequel and a prequel. Players will follow the story of Sarah as she faces players to the tale of Sarah as she faces daunting challenges in an alternate 1999 standing Yugoslavia.

The title will feature high-quality 3D graphics that have been optimized for CRT TV, an immersive all-digital audio soundtrack, and a unique text-based dice fighting system. Also included are multiple endings and an in-game encyclopedia that provides deeper insights into its world.

For those who’d like a taste of things to come, be sure to check out this playthrough of the demo by John Bunday:

Sacred Line II – Mega Drive Kickstarter Demo

All those interested can find the Kickstarter for Sacred Line II here. Rewards include digital copies of the game, physical game cartridges, posters, stickers, pins, and unique collectables like a Black Light Reactive Tapestry and an Eyeball Sculpture.

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