1. BookBar

What’s better than a cozy, woman-owned independent book store? One that you can sip wine at while you read. The red-painted corner spot on the charming and foot-traffic-filled Tennyson Street becomes an instant favorite for anyone visiting for the first time. Mosey up to the counter inside for coffee, baked goods, or a glass of red, then browse the shelves and find a spot to get comfy for a few chapters. Be sure not to miss the many readings, open mic nights, and author events, that are constantly loading up the calendar, either.

2. Tattered Cover Book Store
Multiple locations

Colorado’s own bookstore franchise shines brighter than ever with what is now eight outposts spanning Westminster to the Springs. Each location is unique in style,from the intimate Union Station location to the shiny two-floors and plentiful windows of the new McGregor Square spot. But the warm wood and green carpet are always there to greet you whichever one you’re at, as are the many, many shelves of all kinds of books including new releases, staff-curated picks, and classics.

3. Broadway Book Mall
Wash Park West

Out of the ashes of the former Denver Book Mall rose the Broadway Book Mall, with its corner Broadway location slightly akin to Mutiny Information Cafe, but with a whole different vibe inside. Let the smell of old books hit you as you enter and begin to explore shelf after shelf and stack after stack of used books. The Broadway Book Mall is a book-lover’s paradise, and is known chiefly for two things: having a fantastic selection and the friendliest staff. Pop in and stay awhile while leafing through some gems.

4. Printed Page Bookshop
Platt Park

Totally cute on the outside, wonderfully welcoming (and featuring a vast book selection) on the inside. Welcome to Printed Page on South Broadway, a used bookstore situated in a quaint Victorian house. Wander through shelves and stacks for used books of all kinds, which also includes collectibles, antiquarian books, and other rarities. This place also offers book-collecting classes as well as the chance to sell your books or collections, and many loyal patrons may remember the sweet soul that was the former friendly shop greeter, Lola.

5. The Bookies Bookstore

A long-standing resource for kids, teachers, and young adults, The Bookies Bookstore has been in operation for more than 50 years. Beginning once as a venture out of original owner Sue Lubeck’s home, the bookstore has remained a place of learning, fun, and all the best things that reading books can bring. Though BookBar recently purchased The Bookies after Lubeck’s passing in 2021, the charm and abundance of the store will remain just as locals love it. Bookies and BookBar are also both Public Benefit Corporations now, meaning community service drives the business, not profit.

6. Hermitage Antiquarian Bookshop
Cherry Creek

This bookshop is for the serious bibliophile—the admirer of hand-bound spines, archaic texts, and rare versions of the classics. It’s also one of the oldest bookstores in Denver, first established in 1973 and still going strong. Here is where you truly get that sense of quiet and coziness, minding the fragility of each book as you browse the more than 25,000 titles in inventory. Book-lover, English major, or history buff, you’ll find a reason to love visiting this shop.

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