1. Nido

While many of us may consider the ideal Thanksgiving Day attire to include pants with an elastic waistband, there are also those who can’t imagine celebrating such an adored holiday without a degree of distinction—one that requires fall finery and a classier setting than the couch. Elevate your holiday at recently opened high-dining spot, Nido, located in new South Austin hotel, The Loren at Lady Bird Lake. It’s offering a four-course meal that includes chestnut soup, a fall salad, savory Heritage turkey, stuffing, and honey-roasted cranberries, alongside various family-style sides and pumpkin tart for dessert. Nido’s rooftop location provides a stunning view of the Austin skyline, which is bound to give you a buzz on its own—that’ll only be amplified after downing the complimentary glass of sparkling wine included with your feast.
Cost: Meals start at $85 for adults, and $35 for children ages five to 12 years old.
How to book: Call 512-580-1183.

3. TLC Austin

If you want to pull a fast one on your friends and relatives, there’s no better option than picking up a Thanksgiving to-go pack from TLC—and pretending you made the meal yourself. Not only can you impress your crew with the centerpiece of a honey-sage whole roasted turkey, but they will rave over such sides as rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, citrus-vanilla cranberry sauce, and giblet gravy. Be sure to emphasize how you “slaved in the kitchen” over perfecting the pecan pie. Should your poker face be less than exceptional, you can skip the charade and take your Thursday crew directly to the source instead; the South Austin restaurant will also be open on Thanksgiving Day for dine-in.
Cost: To-go meals run $299 and serve eight to ten people, while dine-in plates run $38 per person.
How to book: Order to-go packs online for pick-up on November 23. For dine-in, seating is first come, first served.

4. Walton's Fancy and Staple

Who better to trust on an American holiday than one of America’s sweethearts herself? That’s Academy Award-winning actress and rom-com legend, Sandra Bullock, owner of Walton’s Fancy & Staple. The charming spot, which also boasts a bakery and flower shop, is offering a Classic Thanksgiving Feast To-Go, filled with enough food to serve a crowd of ten. Dishes include cajun spiced airline turkey breast with turkey gravy, garlic mashed yukon gold potatoes, and brown sugar and rosemary carrots with the option to add on an apple crumble or pumpkin pie to your order. The only thing you’ll need to prepare yourself are the midnight margaritas.
Cost: Dishes run from $18-$65 dollars depending on what is ordered.
How to book: Pre-order through the 21st for pickup on the 22nd and 23rd, call 512-542-3380, or email

5. Carpenters Hall

Everyone deserves to experience the button-busting, overfed sensation at the end of this holiday’s meal—and, at the Carpenter Hotel’s in-house restaurant, Carpenters Hall, you can make a reservation to satisfy all stomachs. For the purists, there’s a smattering of the tried-and-true fare, including carved roast turkey, roasted green beans, and pumpkin pie, up for the picking, either a la carte or in a three-course prix-fixe. However, the kitchen will also be offering up a smaller section from their regular menu on Turkey Day, letting those strongly opposed to fall harvest flavors to, not only have something to eat, but grub down hard— just as our forefathers intended.
Cost: Runs $55 per person for the three-course prix fixe menu, with individual menu options varying based on what is ordered.

6. Gati Ice Cream

Bring one of the knock-your-socks-off desserts from bakery and ice cream shop, Gati, to your Thanksgiving celebration and your whole crew might be tempted to skip the savory portion of the meal altogether. The sweets at this East Austin spot are so deliciously decadent that, the fact they are also gluten-free and often vegan, will fly over the head of even your most proudly-carnivorous uncle. It offers standards, like pumpkin pie and whiskey pecan pie, alongside a variety of other autumnal-inspired cakes and ice creams for those who want to switch it up. Don’t sleep on the pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling, which is so unbelievably tasty you’ll dream of having another slice in your post-dinner, tryptophan-induced snooze.
Cost: Desserts run $12 - $72 each
How to book: Order online for pick-up.

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